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OnJob believes in providing you with the best HR services without causing you any trouble. Our aim is to make job finding very easy for you and this is why we cover all grounds of HR consulting and recruiting services. These are the quality human resource services that we provide:

Resume Writing

Getting a perfect Resume ready is a hard task. We believe that it acts as your first impression on the employer. We strive to provide you with a Resume that highlights all your qualifications in such a way that it attracts the perfect employer and gets you the job of your dreams.

We know how to portray your educational and personal profile to get you the job that meets all your requirements. Our team of professional Resume writers has a vast experience in creating the perfect Resume for you. We work with professional writers who specialize in preparing a grammatically correct, concise and appealing layout for your Resumes and make sure that all the important points of your educational and work experience are showcased.

We make sure that your qualifications and experience, work as a marketing tool for you to get the attention of the right employer. We create a perfect resume for you without consuming a lot of time.

Campus Hiring

If you are a student looking for a job or an employer striving to find the perfect, young talent for your company then OnJob is the best solution for you. We work in scrutiny with the top educational institutions/ colleges in the country to provide best growth-oriented placements. Our services provide opportunities equally to both the employers as well as employees for campus placement.

We are considered as the finest placement company in Bangalore for creating a perfect connection between the young population and the employers. We provide a great opportunity to students to test their skills with some of the best industries and companies in India. We arrange on campus recruitment for you with a lot of ease.

Our service is particularly helpful for those who are looking to start their career earlier and to gain experience in field via working part time or doing internship with some of the biggest names in India. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a student about to pass out of college, we will help you to get the best job experience that will allow you to make the most of your skills.

Permanent Recruitment

Our top class human resource recruitment services help you find permanent jobs. We make sure that you get the right job that will allow you to settle your career and get rid of being in between jobs. We operate with some of the most renowned companies and industries all around the country and even abroad. These employers are looking for candidates who wish to work long term with them and wish to settle with their company permanently.

All of the job opportunities that we provide for permanent recruitments include great salaries, feasible working hours, health and insurance plans for the employees, retirement plans and reasonable number of days off work. We aim to provide you with the most satisfying permanent HR recruitment solutions in your desired fields with ease. We understand all your needs and give you the opportunities that instantly fit your choice. We keep you from the troubles of running off to be interviewed every other day.

Temporary Staffing

We not only provide our clients with permanent jobs, we also find you part time jobs. You can avail our services to find yourself a temporary job so that you can keep up with those extra expenses or college tuition fees that you have to pay. We have employers who are willing to work with people who can only spend a few hours at the job

This service of ours is ideal for students who wish to earn, those who wish to get multiple jobs or busy, stay at home moms. You can benefit from a lot of temporary job services that we provide. Our employers recruit freelancers as well so you can easily work from home without having to go out. These employers, even though hire part time, pay a good amount of cash. We assess your qualifications and find you a job that meets your requirements and educational status.

Recruitment Marketing

We believe that it is not only the employee who needs all the spotlight. At OnJob, we believe in equal publicity of the employer as well as the employee. If you are looking to advertise your company to attract the right kind of work force then we are the Best HR Company in Bangalore to come to. With the help of all the latest marketing tools, we strive to attract the talented individuals for your organization.

We find you the best of the best, young and energetic, talented individuals who fit all your requirements. Our strict filtering mechanism for candidates allows us to short list only those who fulfil all your needs. We carefully assess the qualification status and work experience of a person before referring them to a company. You can trust us to find you the right person for your organization who will help you amp up your company's success rate.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our RPO services includes:
  • Outsourcing candidates for all types of roles and levels in your organization,
  • Define & manage the complete recruitment process – from creating job profiling to on-boarding selected candidates,
  • Manage the complete administration and documentation of the recruiting process
Benefits of a RO Model
  • Better understanding about the company profile by the recruiter
  • Immediate Feedback & Scheduling
  • Immediate and effective hiring as per TAT.
  • Effective and Time saving process on every Hire
  • Company saves on advertisements
  • Taking the right candidate reduces the Training Period

Our RPO team includes recruitment leaders, HR generalists, staffing specialists and recruitment management professional who cater to every aspect of the recruitment process life cycle.


Executive Search

On job helps recruit senior leaders including CEO's, CFO's, Head of Business Units, Managerial and other senior to mid-level Positions etc. Our exceptional services and experience panel will ensure you benefit hiring the right candidate. We also have a large pool of senior executives across different industries which constantly being updated.

Speak to us to understand how we can help build you’re mid and senior leadership team.


Contract Staffing

If you have a seasons spike in employment or If you are looking to hire someone but want to ensure the person has the skills and fits in with your company’s culture or If you have a key employee who is out on maternity leave or other extended medical leave or for any other reason . We provide you with a high-caliber level talent or short-term projects, long-term assignments, and everything in between in the same areas. The candidate will be under our employment but will work for you for your time period. You will also benefit from not paying the employment benefits or other compensations.

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Onjob.in is a true 21st century company offering superior services, dedicated to making every Client and every project our top priority. For Onjob.in, a project is not only measured by end results, but by the relationship created along the way.

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